2022 Tomcat HT-310

tomcat Stand-On Mini Skid Steer
Track Loader HT-310

The Stand On Mini Skid Steer Track Loader Tomcat HT-310 provides the ultimate experience with superior value, advanced operator controls, commercial-grade components, and unmatched performance .


$250 Non-Refundable Deposit

Tomcat Stand On HT-310 Mini Stand-On Skid Steer Loader

Drive motor DANFOSS
Joysticks Full Italian HC Hydraulic Joysticks
Width Only 43" Wide

More Details About Tomcat HT-310 Mini Stand-On Track Skid Steer Loader

Weight 3,150 lbs
Rated Load 1,350 lbs
Width 43"
Engine 30 HP
Fuel Type Kubota Diesel

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Tomcat Stand-On Mini Skid Steer
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Tomcat HT-310

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Idea & Concept

The technical support department is a dynamic team, mainly responsible for providing strong technical support for the company’s various business developments.


Steel Cutting & Drilling

Quality steel plates are sourced and directly purchased in bulk. This allows us to save on costs and maintain a large supply of steel sheets for short notice large orders.



The latest lifting, positioning, CNC and MIG welding equipment ensure high precision welding for all our steel parts, large and small. After all the parts are welded, they are carefully inspected to guarantee their quality and long life. 



Once all parts are inspected, they are prepared for blasting. This process cleans, smooths, and removes any traces of impurities on the surface of the part, when the primer base paint is applied. After blasting, parts are inspected to guarantee a high finish.


Painting Enclosure

Parts are carefully cleaned, dried, and smoothed in a controlled environment, before they are ready for painting. Once the primer base paint is applied, the same process is repeated for the surface coating. The use of high-quality painting and solvents allows us to guarantee an excellent finish.



All parts including the axles, frames, engine systems, electronic systems, cabins, etc., are installed here to create the final assembly. Throughout this process, each work station is carefully supervised and monitored by our qualified engineering technicians and by our chief equipment manufacturing engineers.



Once the machines have been assembled, they go through rigorous examination and testing. This guarantees each machine’s high performance. 


Loading & Delivery

Before they are delivered, the machines are washed, dried, and prepared to be professionally loaded. This ensures that our customers always receive their machines in top condition.


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